Three steps to getting your FREE headwear
      1. Carefully read the eligibility criteria below and fill out the form. We will email you within 1 working day to notify you a credit has been added to your account
      2. Choose the headwear you wish to purchase and add it to your cart. You can add products to your cart while waiting for your credit to come through, your credit will appear as a pop up on the right of the screen, please be sure to click this to activate your credit.
      3. We require two pieces of paper work, a Medical Certificate signed from your healthcare professional [Download one for your medical professional here] and a Ministry of Health Hair Loss Subsidy Claim Form signed by you. [Download One Here]. Your order will be dispatched once we receive the required paperwork. Please email your paperwork to us
For more information on how this process works click HERE 
Please contact us below if you have already claimed a hair loss credit but have credit remaining, if you have a child under 18 that you want to receive a credit for or for any other enquiries, 


To claim a Hair Loss subsidy from the New Zealand Ministry of Health you must be a New Zealand Citizen or resident.

You must be able to provide a medical certificate from your GP, Specialist or healthcare provider in order to receive the subsidy.

In order to receive the full subsidy this must be your first claim however if you have claimed before you can still spend your remaining subsidy with us, please send us a message if this is the case.

Submit the form below where we will apply the relevant credit to your customer account. This will be emailed to you with in 1 working day so please browse our website and add products to your cart, we will be in touch soon!

ALL the fields below are required to be filled out

Please note by sending your information through you are giving Hat Tricks permission to verify your claim with the Ministry of Health.