How Our New Claims Process Works

How Our New Claims Process Works

A Government Subsidy known as The Wigs and Hairpieces service payment is a payment to people who suffer from temporary or permanent hair loss because of a medical condition or from certain cancer therapies. The payments are to reduce the cost of purchasing and maintaining a Wig or Hairpiece and obtaining Headwear such as hats and turbans.
We have developed a system where you can apply through Hat-Tricks for a credit to use on our online store and once you have placed your order we request your claim from the Ministry of Health on your behalf to cover the costs of your purchased headwear. 
Sounds easy right?- It is however you must meet the criteria below, we have then listed what the entitlements are/ how much subsidy you can receive and then how our order process works.
To claim you
  • Must be a New Zealand citizen or ordinarily resident in New Zealand
  • have a current medical certificate with your NHI number, details of the hair loss condition and whether it is permanent or temporary from your specialist or general practitioner (GP)

Current entitlements

Entitlement inclusive of GST

Entitlement period

Adults over 18 years with permanent hair loss


9 years

Adults over 18 years with temporary hair loss


1 year

Children under 18 years with temporary or permanent hair loss


3 years
or until you turn 18, if that happens first

The Entitlement period is time over which each grant applies from the time of your first claim. You can claim all of or part of your entitlement at any time over the entitlement period.
More information is available on the Ministry of Health websiteClick here
How to claim your credit on the Hat-Tricks website
To claim and purchase your headwear go HERE
On this page we require you to fill out a form with your details. Within 1 working day we will get back to you with a credit for you to spend on our online store.
During the wait you can shop our online store adding the products you wish to purchase to your cart.
Once you have received your credit and made your online order we then collect your order together and wait for you to send your paper work through to us.
We require two pieces of paper work, a Medical Certificate signed from your healthcare professional and a Ministry of Health Hair Loss Subsidy Claim Form signed by you. [Download One Here]. Your order will be dispatched once we receive the required paperwork. Please note the Ministry Of Health requires your original signed  claim form which will need to be posted to us, we can not accept emailed or scanned copies.
Post both pieces of paperwork to:
Hat Tricks
PO Box 8352
If you have any questions about any part of this process please feel free to contact us at